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We're Your Reliable Business Partner 1 Stop Digital Marketing Solutions, including the Business IT Solutions. For Our Digital Marketing Services, please check on For Our Business IT Solutions, please check on

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We're Your Reliable Business Partner 1 Stop Digital Marketing Solutions, including the Business IT Solutions. For Our Digital Marketing Services, please check on For Our Business IT Solutions, please check on

Hap Eye is a digital marketing agency established since 2014, based in Yangon, Myanmar. We deliver creative and technology based solutions to our clients. And, we also take special care to ensure that each brand asset and/or application functions in a way that helps companies to reach their goals.

Currently we are developing websites from sketch and providing digital & online marketing plans strategically to more over 100 clients. We specialize in multi-channel, integrated marketing, including SEO, PPC, PR, social and content. Our capabilities with web design, technology, marketing and integrated digital strategy make us a trusted partner for business and enterprise campaigns. Our methodology allows us to blend both digital campaigns with traditional marketing to deliver the right marketing mix.

Our commitment is to achieving the best for our clients means holistic approach to online marketing assists with your business growth goals and gets you on the right track with our fulfill on timeline and satisfactions.

"Create Better Hap On Web"

Exclusive Services


Web Design & Development

Mobile Friendly, Responsive Design with Web Development broadly refers to the tasks associated with developing websites for hosting via intranet or internet. The web development process includes web design, web content development, client-side/server-side scripting and network security configuration, among other tasks.

Social Media Management

Social Media like Facebook is very useful and most popular network all over the world. Therefore, your business should promote professionally on Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Plus to get more success.

Web & Mobile Applications

Nowadays owning a mobile app for your business is probably the most rewarding solution to give an edge over competitors. The world has shifted from desktops to smartphones, and we do provide web & mobile apps for your business need.


Your Business Website can't find on Search Engines is a dead website and all websites have to be alive on Search Engines by searching with Your Business Name. Further more, SEM (Search Engines Marketing) is better than to grow up your business on internet.

Currently Experiences

We are always providing our best and mostly experiences are depends on your Business needs & requirements.
Mini Online Shop Website
Travels & Tours Website
Hotel Website
Construction Website
Information Website
Web & Mobile App

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Since 2014, our alive image is increasing time by time.
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Exclusive features


Hosting & Domain

For launching process, main things are right domain registration with your business name and hosting to be hosted all website data.

Web Mail

Communication with your clients/partners online, 100% need to use webmail with your business domain name for business's integrity.

CMS (Content Management System)

We build the websites using Drupal, changing and updating your site is all point-and-click. You don't need to be a developer to make changes.


One languange default included and adding more languages to be paid for extra charges. We do provide translation services if require.

Mobile Responsive Design

Responsive web design simply means making websites that can adapt to the size of the visitor's viewport and have an optimal experience.

Social Media Integration

To make large network for your business growth, we focus to integrate with Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google Plus.

Contact Form

Contact form at contact page on your website, makes your business easily connectable with your customers or partners and showing care to them.


On blog pages, you can display all about your business's activities, policies, terms & conditions, announcements and special articles about your goods.

Product & Service Order Form

Fast and effective order form at each product and service page, make more your sales 24 hours and this feature will stand with you as online sale staff.

Google Map

Add your business address on Google Map and integrate with website, can be easily find your business and you can make more customers all the time.

Google Business Listing

Basically very important for your business and website can be listed on Google and people can start to find with your business name in Google Search Engine.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives you insights into how users find and use your website. With Google Analytics, you can track ROI for your online marketing.

SEO (Search Engines Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization is a measurable, repeatable process that is used to send signals to search engines that your pages are worth showing in Google's and Bing's index.

SEM (Search Engines Marketing)

Search Engine Marketing can be divided into two categories: organic and paid. Both are important. As you might expect, “organic” SEM is a “natural” way to improve your ranking in search engines.


Electronic Commerce (e-commerce) is a business model that enables a firm or individual to conduct business over internet for retail sales direct to consumers via Web sites and mobile apps, and conversational commerce.

Payment Gateways

We provide MPU, 2c2p, Myanpay (or) any local bank's payment gateway upon your requirements. Then you can receive payments from ecommerce website or mobile app to your bank account.

HTTPS Feature

The 'S' at the end of HTTPS stands for 'Secure'. It means all communications between your browser and the website are encrypted.

Facebook Live Chat

It is a type of Internet online chat distinguished by its simplicity and accessibility on time to users who need to know more about your business but require white domain with "HTTPS".


We are going to train, how to make new content, edit and delete content on your website with Screencast and you will have a link in private area on our website with required credential.

Logo & Flyer Design

We have strong Graphic Designer Team in background for creative and innovative idea to be match with your business name and it will be meaning full of your purpose.

Banner Design

Banners on social networks have multiple ways and they are changing usually. So we make research and create with right to space of their requirements. On paper and website are fulfill to your satisfactions.
Different pricing plans with exclusive features included

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"Your success is our goal", as our Mission, here is some of our valuable clients' feedbacks!

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Here you can catch to know more about activities of our team and our special projects. Stay with us!

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